Various kitchen island design for inspiration

various kitchen island design for inspiration Apartment

Beautifull kitchen design in apartment. Combination from elegant floor, simple kitchen island, artistic wall murall and another stuff. with beauty city view. Start looking at the floor. Smooth black floor carpet, specially made from anti stain material. Have strip type adjust the kitchen island mode. Using brown marble backsplash. Showing the calmfull side, also produce cold temperator. It’s match use in hight level apartement. The door using arch design, give large room impression. Using glass wall in the corner of the room. Showing the best view of city.

Put on two sofa beside dining table. This use for our familly to relax after having meal. Made soo low, suppose that when we seat over it can straight on our leght. Hope that after having meal we seat we didn’t feel six orround our stomach. In the middle of kitchen, there is one sheet dinning room. Four colorful chair and colorful table. This colorful dining room can spead the exposure from pendant lamp. Soo, even this kitchen use simple dark kitchen design the colorful dinning table sheet added the brightness of the room.

Simple wall decorate coose to give the special main view of our new simple kitchen island product. Only put on one wall mural white bright colour. Adjust the dinning table. Marbel backsplash use to offset the arch wooden design door. For the lighting, using two cristal chandelier. Put above the dinning table and kitchen island.

The kitchen island located near the arch door. This suppose the easy to reach the kitchen. Hope this as a dominant view, the kitchen island located in own side of the kitchen. The kitchen island use white cabinet and silver countertop. The countertop use stainlessmaterial, soo when wee cook don’t have dark view also it easy to clean. Hanging rack place in the wall to keep the kitchen tool. Easy to reach, far from child reach soo safe to leave the kitchen with kids. This kitchen island have two sink. one use for wash the cooking material. Another for wash the cooking stuff. One faucet use in this kitchen. This faucet can revesed from one sink to another faucet.

Gallery of Various Kitchen Island Design for Inspiration

filled under beautiful kitchen design, kitchen island ideas along with elegant flooing along with dining table this Various Kitchen Island Design for Inspirationis being packed inside 11 high quality images . Don’t miss to check all from this beautiful images , by click the thumbnail gallery below.

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