The marvellous balconies of skyhigh willis tower

the marvellous balconies of skyhigh willis tower Decorations

Have you had a slip of mind, ever, to own the ability of walking on the sky. Because if you do, you can really make it to reality. The highest dream is liven up by the very insanely high and fantastic balconies of willis tower. This building was firstly named Sears tower located at 233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois. This skycraper is considered as the highest one in United States with four balconies in total.

The breathtaking sight of the city can be seen exceedingly well from this 108 stories building with 442 m or 1,450 in high. When you climb up, you will be shakened like crazy since the balconies are there hanged at 412 m or 1,353 feet in the 103rd level to scare you as hell. But well, for your adventurous blood this may be a quite interesting challenge to be just wasted. Thanks to Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, the architecture firm that create both the tower and the balconies YOU can experience this moment which you may never get to forget for the rest of your life. You can place your feets on a glassy platform and feel your heart starting to explode.

This thing allows you to see a very magnificent sight of the city landscape and beyond. Moreover, since there are only glasses around, you may got a goosebump since you feel like walking or hanging on the sky. But still it may just be the greatest fun ever happening in your life. have a nice try.

Gallery of The Marvellous Balconies of Skyhigh Willis Tower

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