The eco friendly coastal cave house design

the eco friendly coastal cave house design Interior

Want to live in a cave?. it is a total no for most of people. In another word, it is absolutely unimaginable. But for the cave house in the Nestled designed by Alexander De Betak with the front gorgeOus view of Mediterranean sea, you will never say never.

Every single piece in the house is made of organic. The floor and the walls are plainly in white in majority which give lightness and liveliness to the house. The wooden things are main attractions you can be amazed of in the interior part of the house. Down to earth wooden tables, benchs, dining tables, windows and doors are effortlessly stunning. Moreover, the stone stuffs give you unbelievably awesome sight since they are designed to function as various decorations. You can find them transforming into racks, books shelfs, sink and even iphone-dock. The creativity does not end there. The bunk bed for kids are not the ordinary one.

it looks like a three stories mini cave which is very cozy and adorable. The rustic lounge is uniqely comfortable. The stones floor, wooden furnitures and simple fireplace bring warmth and joyful for the place to spend time in. This eco-friendly construction scatters serenity, while the whimsical patterns which are randomly applied to some parts of the house such as its ceiling evokes the vibe of cheerfulness. This house ignores 90 degree angles and vanishes sharp edges all around. The hallway is also part of the beautiful side of the house which is worth a show during house tour. The main bedroom is laid down on the floor where the feel of nature can hug the owner tightly.

From its outdoor view, the house’s walls are dotted with colorful stones. It depicts the fairytale-like house which is vintage yet mindblowing. The doors and windows in matching colors are placed to get the maximum light and air which provide refreshment and nice atmosphere to the house. The swimming pool facing the sea in algae color is drop dead georgeous. In additional, the beds lining in front of the pool must be nice for the owners to sun bathing or just to lay down and enjoy the scenery. the house mainly promises nothing but comfort space. This is a place where they can live their life in simple and enjoyable style. This is an extraordinary house for people with good taste. Bravo.

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