Luxurious style of lance amstrong house

luxurious style of lance amstrong house Interior

What kind of house you can expect from the very popular 7 consecutives “Tour de France” winner cyclist and part of the celebrity freternity, Lance Armstrong. The insanely expensive residence is located at a quite panoramic spot in Deadman’s hole in texas USA. His 7,850-square foot Spanish colonial-style Austin is so luxurious and classy looked from its front view. The house which have two main colors for its outdoor look which are dark brown and light ivory really make an elegant pair. The house is surrounded by brilliant scenery of the beautiful countryside which becomes a great temptation. The other outdoor attractions are including a grill, a pool, and several patios for dining or lounging purposes. This sophisticated ranch has quite stylish interior ideas. the house has four main bedrooms and only one for the guestroom.

Each room has its own identity and originality. One of them is very modern in grey and another one in soft ivory depicts classical moment. Both are looking very roomy and cozy. Since the nature offers the owners attraction all around, every corner of the house places big glass windows in order to enjoy the sight, the light and the air. instead of using air conditioner, the celebrity prefers to refresh the room with unique and chic hanging van. Moreover, the kitchen, dining room and living room are in the same area of the house with no sreeen and partition at all which make a great deal of efficiency, effectiveness, and in additional, uniqueness. The placement of furnitures is very tasteful.

It is tidy, simple and charismatic, thanks to the dark colors and design of each decor. The versatile space here is having more fun since the appearance of natural picture of gorgeous landscape can be seen during meal time through the super big glass window. In the upstair, there is a cool media room to entertain the owners with comfortable and soft glinders and sofa with very pleasant cushions for lazy time. This house is build for a reason of enjoying life in modern and luxurious style while also indulging the souls with terrific and refreshing scenic nature. This space makes people want to stop their hectic routines and runaway for the sake of experiencing serenity and prestigious way of living.

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