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luxurious and dreamy celebrities kitchens Decorations

Celebrity always has new things to show, to brag about and to be proud of, because they always try to make anything they have looking cool and make others envy in its exhibition on television. This also include their taste in kitchen design which reflect their success as the result of their super duper stardom. Many of them insanely buy luxurious and stylish kitchen design for their already very expensive house. This is more about satisfaction and prestige. Some celebrities prefer to choose the design for their kitchen from Pedini. It is one of the founders of kitchen design which is simply minimalist, modern, and artistic as we commonly see today. The products are popularly sophisticated and brilliant yet they give a burden of big number of money, worth the price, indeed. Look at the contemporary one in shining white with litte help of metal for expensive look. The design is simple and futuristic. The backsplash is very cool on the pure kitchen island. The cabinet or pantry including the oven in the same color and stylish design make the kitchen looks like a million bucks.

In addition, the place is spacious and very comfy. It really define the importance of keeping the place to cook clean and hygene. The other one is the very cool and charismatic kitchen in dark blue which give you a feel of mysterious sea at beautiful night with a magical moonlight shine. The lamp on its island kitchen’s wall scatters the effect of 3D movie and the floor gives an effect like walking on watery sea. The unique and peculiar branching lamp shines small lights which resemble the twinkling little stars. The other choice of color which definitely sexy is the red hot babe featuring the pure milky white with a metal fridge for another eye candy is really looking groovy while the one in black and white still is still stealing many attention. It is effortlessly smashing and masculine. Placing some stuffs in the same colors combination such as lamp table, couch or table, can really transform the space into much funky zone than ever. Each design has something in common. It speels luxurious and perfect pleasant feel into the kitchen which makes the cooking time is one of enjoying moment you wont be mind at all. Even the celebrity may have new hobby which is named “cooking” as they have this kind of place at home.

Gallery of Luxurious and Dreamy Celebrities’ Kitchens

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