Living in a spread movie house design

living in a spread movie house design Wardrobe

It is a wonderful construction designed by the L. A. based Xten Architecture asked by the previous owener Randolph Duke. Located in the Hollywood Hills, this mansion atrracted people’s attention because it is a movie set of a 2009 film named “Spread”, starred by Ashton Kutcher. Do you wonder what makes them interested in this house design?

The spread Movie House is a stunning ten feet tall retractable glass wall-house. The space and the outside-inside views are the identities of the home design. Having house tours, the few pieces of furniture and glass wall become the interesting point. Designed by facing the city, here is the romantic and enjoyable house to watch beautiful sunsets or never-sleep-night city of Los Angeles. Natural view has becomes its great decoration. Moreover, it is the mixture of inspiration between the special atmosphere of the glass wall with the warm and ambiance of modern fireplace. The stacked stonework in the livingroom creates the contemporary but well-designed look in this classy room.

Looking outside, the modern open living space shows the every fabuluous angle of this openhouse. The cantilever decks hovers the house over the beautiful natural view. The fireplace in the roof terrace is the overwhelming enjoyment around the warm temperature and the fresh air. The cool and warm pools are the available options to enjoy the days with water in the house. Here is the awesome living looks like in the movie.

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filled under modern fireplace, romantic house design and warm pools and awesome living this Living in A Spread Movie House Designis being packed within 13 HD photos . Don’t miss to check all from this lovely photos , by click the thumbnail gallery below.

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