Exotic of kitchen island table

exotic of kitchen island table Interior

A modern kitchen with white basic colour. Exploit the sun light this kitchen room use glassdoor partition and minimalist light. Concerned the exotic of kitchen island table. White environtment. Also use wooden decoration. Little bit showing the natural view. Start with the floor. Add the white cerakic floor in whole room until next room to give sustainability of the whole room in the house. The floor ceramik use wider size. This make the kitchen room have enough space.

Transparant glassdoor partition connected the kitchen room with the yard. With sliding open door it’s easy to open and get fresh air. One wooden rack for ceramic tools located besid glassdor and kitchen island table. The kithen island take black and white colour. It’s simple design that covered with simple kitchen island table. The kitchen island table design just use simple shape. This easy to be redecorate. Under the kitchen island table give two bar stool.

Wooden cabinets above the floor adjust the kitchen island table. On the top of it the cabinet take white colour, using black strip. This cabinet is one design with kitchen island. To give little privation design wall partition to the next room. next room suppose for warehouse. This ware house make for only the kitchen stuff. For example, to keep in the wood for any need.

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