Clever space saving designs a solution for children; s small bedroom

clever space saving designs a solution for children s small bedroom Interior

For kids, owning a bedroom means owning a freedom to explore themselves enjoying their quality time in their private room. Thus, an ideal kids bedroom is a room facilitating their activities in learning, playing, taking rest and self-exploration. However, a small bedroom compared to their storage needs probably can make some parents dizzy. In the other hand, they need a place to facilitate their children to be taught arranging their things easily.

To answer the wish of that ideal kids bedroom, Sergi Mengot proposes a space-saving bedroom concept. The design will become the parent’s gift to their children. It exhibits a gorgoues bedroom with briliant storages. Furthermore, it is a right solution for small room available. The designers successfully mix the cleverly designs and comfort for all-age bedroom: Baby room, childs room and and teens room. Just see how Sergi Mengot chooses the colors. Soft green, orange, purple and brown send calm into the room.

Black, magenta and maroon strengthens the youth identities. beside these choices of colors, the highly sophisticated storage designs are created to make the children easy to keep everything manageable. In a baby nursery room, a highly secured baby boxes with elegant space-saving furniture are recommended to have. For 6-9 year old children room, it is available a lime-green and white stripe room which is clever to insert an interactive desk below the well-designed bookcase. A fatty bunkbed is fantastic to be multi-tasking to save anythings in the drawers.

Presented age 9 above, an orange white small room is beautiful because of white furniture and the special drawers below the bed. The magenta room can be the inspiration when the corner is creatively optimalized as a fine-looking wardrobe connected to the study area. The individual floating racks have their good job to save things while to decor the room. The other idea, a purple bed with optimum space-saving looks well-designed with the collaboration of vertical, horizontal, and modular storages.

Especially for teenagers, a modern and simple bedroom designs will be such a heaven. The beech wood study area with the cabinet design is contemporary but cozzy. Otherwise, a maroon bed with black backdrop is stylish when it is combined with the modern drawer design. The other small maroon bedroom, big drawers with various shelving’s position, on the floor or floating, the furniture is actually the real decor which can modernize the room design. Just check all the pictures of this brilliat idea for kids’ small rooms.

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