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Exravaganza happening in the world of architecture is probably none other than the collection of these futuristic designs. The invasion of innovation of geniuos brains will really blow you away with its dynamic and sophisticated not only looks but also functions. Several of them are exist while some of them are not made yet, in another words, they are just visualization.

The first one is Dynamic Architecture – Rotating Tower. What can be more surprising than a tower that can rotate itself completely. David Fischer wants to tell you that you must not see the same things everyday from the windows of your very apartment. It is able to change direction based on your preference. The next one is Lilypad Island. The look is so like what you usually see in a sci-fi movie. Appearing so stunningly alien floating on sea water the place is extraordinarily magestic. Vincent Callebaut can really show it to people and be proud of the project. His creativity is his forte.

To anticipate the occurence of earth covered by water since the ocean level is predicted to rise from 20 to 90 cm, because of some factors such as the moon effects, this ship can afford to provide spaces for 50,000 inhabitants to dwell. It is like an independent small world that can travel anywhere. Moreover, you can find artificial lakes, mountains and etc for more natural looks. Besides, there are no cars, and roads allowed, amazing. The third is The Basket Building you might have heard about this one as it is considered as one of the most unique architectural design in the world.

The Longaberger Company known as a leading handcrafted maple wood baskets company in America. The shape of the building really represents the manufacturer well. It takes people’s attention and the smart promotional strategy works splendidly. The last one is Infosys Building, Kuwait. This one is very sexy in the unusual shape resembling humans DNA. Infosys did such a marvelous job with the idea. It is superbly beautiful against the city landscape. It stands strongly making every eye turning to it surely when the day it comes to reality happens. The design ideas of these buildings are awesome no need for further debates.

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