Another crazy house which speels starwars

another crazy house which speels starwars Apartment

For some reasons people are so addicted by a certain trend which make them feel like thay can do nothing but live with it. Some extreme fact is shown by the owner of this space ship like house which spells starwars vibe. Who do not know star wars? it is a American epic space opera franchise centered on a film series created by George Lucas. These numbers of flick are very popular and garners so many fans following after its successful marks in box office. The virus of starwars has ben contaminating a huge crowd of people including the owners of this insanely resembling starwars space ship.

The fan is trying hard to make it as similar as possible to the original one. Every corner looks so robotic and scientific. You may have seen the same view in science fictional movies. Getting into the living room, what you see are not what you usually see. There are several robots lining. Another great thing is a special room called ‘Starwars fan’ where you can see million of stuffs related to the movie like toys, pictures, wallpapers, CDs, DVDs, accessories and many more. The entrance is in white decorated with several pictures of starwars iconic characters. You may also be surprised to see awesome big spaceship like home theather which indulges the visitors with its super soft and luxurious seats and a big screen in pair with cool audio sets to give you best movie watching experience.

In addition, there is a silver robot standing which looks so real to give more drammatic impact on you. The bedroom also tells another story. This simple space is also completed by a huge screen near the window where the owner can enjoy his favorite moment with starwars. It is simply a house of fun for people with different way of lifestyle. This house will be a great admiration of those folks who admit and say loudly that they are truly the die hard fans of starwars.

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