11 portable kitchen island design

11 portable kitchen island design Wardrobe

This kitchen room is design to be easy shifted. Or in easy language is it easy to rearrange. The main part is portable kitchen cabinet and portable kitchen island. This two part of the kitchen easy to shifted anywhere. First, we see the floor. Use white ceramic. Ceramic floor with special layer give the safety of it’s own floor. When the portable kitchen island shifted, the floor can’t scratch. When this floor clean up it’s looks like new.

Wooden wall added to support the kitchen cabinet. Three blue rack as an decorate. this rack to put the cettle, cupboard and barstool. White cabinet with four rack. The cabinets use long handle. Because the portable kitchen island can move anywhere the cabinet need long handle. It’s design that the user easy to open the cabinat from any direction. Brown wooden countertop with stripe decoration choose to add art of the kitchen cabinet. With two sink and one faucet. The sink and faucet took silver colour to adjust the upper cabinet that use glass cabinet. In the corner countertop we can see the beauty of ceramik washbowl.

Upper side of countertop designed the glass cabinet. The cabinet giving the flip open door. Not same with the cabinet next the portable kithen island. The cabinet use ordinary door. This flip cabinet give expensive impression. Next cabinet combine between cabinet and rack. The cabinet design soo ordinary white cabinet. Between the cabinet there is some rack. This rack use for china ceramic that have corelation with the kitchen. Two expensive blender, white coffee maker.

The wall no need to be decorated. Because the kitchen stuff it self be the decoration for this kitchen room. The wall only need white bright colour to give brightner light. In the middle of the room we see the most important thing in this kitchen design. The portable kitchen island. This portable kitchen island have cabinet and soo slight. Easy too move or shifted any side of the kitchen. Portable kitchen island complited with two barstool.

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