10 modern design inspiration to beutify your livingroom

10 modern design inspiration to beutify your livingroom Wardrobe

Are you getting bored with your old living room? Do you need an inspiration to create a beautiful and comfortable livingroom? Putting the modern design in your livingroom is the good idea. Let’s bet it that modern design gives you much creativity to play with color, light and space. Here are the six ideas about modern living room designs for you.

1.Let’s see the the careful color choices in this living room design. You just put the colorful carpet with the attractive motive among the minimalist furniture so it will become the centre of the atrractiveness of your livingroom. See again, the light of the sun from big bay windows strengthens the cherfullness of this livingroom. It can give you a good mood.

2.Why don’t u Emphasize the beauty of details in your living room by using geometrical art? Geometrical things on the wall can support your theme. Utilizing the coat rack for geometrical decoration is also not a good idea. And then let’s see how modern and etnic things can be met in one room. In the fact, it is the unique point in your living room.

3.Lighting scheme will beautify your living room. The hidden lighting on the ceiling create the dramatic and calm view in your living room. A chance for sunlight to show the different art in this room is also a good decision. You can see how this light gives the effect of shadows and brightens the small colorful details in your livingroom design. It is like the sun only belongs to you.

4.For man, livingroom also can show their masculinity. The simple color of black and white can show the identity stronger. Living room also can accomodate the space for man’s activities with the use of it as a media center. A hanging wooden sideboard minimize the space but store many things to put. The arch lamp under the special black ceiling is the comfortable place to take a rest in this sofa. This design is inspirative for man.

5.If you want to be “the unique you”, try to create contemporary tradition which exhibits different but warm atmosphere in your living room. Try to use decoration of abstract paintings from the unique canvas material on the wall. The contemporary theme is also seen in the small windows as if the rectangular holes. Interestingly, Who never knows before that bake woods can endure the warm feelin! It does not need much spaces so you just store it under the unique grey desk. Overall, it is a mainstream livingroom you will be happy to own in.

6. A man also dreams a livingroom as the best place to enjoy himself. Enjoy the living room design dominated by brown, white and black colors. The comfortable arm chair and the triangle wooden desk on the chestboard motive carpet symbolizes the logical and firm identity of a man. This design also delivers the vernacular atmosphere by using bake wood as the center point of this room. The exact position of the furnitures makes you satisified to belong this kind of livingroom.

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