10 kitchen island design ideas

10 kitchen island design ideas Apartment

This picture ask our mind to think about design the kitchen island plans. A loot of kithchen island plans can apply in this kitchen design piture. We can use wooden kitchen island, portable kitchen island, kitchen island with bars table, ect. The basic ideas of this kitchen room is modern natural kitchen room. It’s look from the material that use 50% use wooden material. Start from the cabinet, floor, backsplash, candelier, ect. Also including the arch window that connected with the yard. Maybe we can make naturalist kitchen island plans.

The floor use mahagony wood with strip shape to build the epycentris view. And easy to located the kitchen island. It’s similay type with the brown backsplash. The kitchen cabinet located beside the wall, hopely tha the kitchen island plans have many room to put on the ideas. Stiil use wooden materials the cabinet made with simple elegant design. On the top of it the countertop use brown marbel material adjust the brown backsplash.

Two big rack build to impresion the traditional side of the spanish room. With big flower vas, under it the stove. This design take the royal house design. In the top of countertop give two long rack to keep the fruit also washbowl. Behind it we can see artistic backsplash. Marbel backsplash design to separation the kitchen room with dinning room. The backsplash use brown colour to unity the floor and kitchen cabinet. Also dsign wooden candelier above the dinning table.

With seven light inside the candelier. The dinning room located near the yar. Give the natural view when the owner having meal. Now we can explore the kitchen island plans. The designer has calculated the kitchen design with emty space in the middle of the room. This suppose that the owner wiil have many choose for implementation of their own kitchen island plans.

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